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Todd Easterling is a San Diego, California (La Costa, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad) novelist, originally discovered by the acclaimed Pinder Lane Garon-Brooke Literary Agency in New York, of John Grisham fame.


In addition to writing novels, Todd has worked with media companies including HBO, Disney& companies in the internet/tech industry, a key highlight being reception of a group Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. 

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"the first witness"

 "the miracle man"


B E S T   S E L L I N G  N O V E L I S T

Book industry news (new york times)

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#1 Best Seller: "The First Witness"

Over two years and counting on over 8 "Best Sellers in Suspense, Mysteries, & Thrillers" lists.

Top 1% of all/4.4 million paid books since publication. As high as #1 on Techno-Thrillers & on Political Suspense lists. #1 on "Hot New Releases." 

#1 Best Seller: "The Miracle Man" 

How far would you go, to save someone you love?
When her fourteen-year-old daughter's life is threatened, the mother, Katie, takes matters into her own hands to try and protect her and inadvertently finds herself swept into an exotic, far from home breathtaking adventure. David Stein, as Senior Editor at Simon and Schuster said, "Strong writing, strong characters, solidly researched, exciting novel. Great love scenes, powerful imagery. A very strong novel..."
     On a mission to take control of what has threatened to destroy everything that's important to her, Katie leaves behind her life in Kentucky horse country, where she works for a thoroughbred breeding and genetics facility, and finds herself on an unexpected dangerous adventure in Africa pursuing the world's most renowned expert on genetics, a doctor devoted to saving and bringing back endangered species in the amazing new field known as deextinction and resurrection biology. To ensure accuracy with technical aspects of the story, the author enlisted the help of celebrated experts including Nobel Prize nominee Sir Ian Wilmut, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his astonishing breakthrough in cloning a mammal (Dolly the sheep), and Dr. Hal Broxmeyer, who pioneered work in a revolutionary new procedure.

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